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Operation Food Safety – An award winning online training program

Food Safety Program

The Challenge

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd required an online food safety program for their team members around Australia. Previously, Domino’s Pizza had been holding classroom based sessions. This required a lot of coordination to organise venues, attendance numbers, facilitators and printed resources. An outside RTO was required and it wasn’t the most practical program for regional/isolated stores or for very small groups as minimum numbers were required for classes.

Domino’s wanted to implement a flexible online learning program that integrated with their existing learning management system. The program needed to be interactive and customised to their specific food safety policies, procedures and standards as well as being compliant with current legislation.

Domino’s wanted to provide two learning outcomes:

The Approach

“Operation Food Safety” was developed utilising a two-tiered approach, designed to cater for the different levels of knowledge in employees. Some were complete beginners, with no knowledge of food safety and food safety issues, right through to store managers, who required a refresher before completing the assessment to become a food safety supervisor.

The two-tiers where were learners could:

“Learn it”
Aimed at learners with little or no knowledge of food safety.


“Apply it”
Aimed at more experienced learners, who could apply their knowledge in activities relevant to the Domino’s workplace, and for learners after developing their knowledge through the “learn it” section.

The program was developed using a scenario based approach. The scenario was that food safety inspectors were due at the store. Prior to their visit, the learner had to identify issues and suggest ways to resolve them. This formed the “apply it” part of the program.

To support the learners in the activities and/or develop their knowledge, the program provided them with four virtual OER Agents (staff of Domino’s Head Office that audit food safety, hygiene service and image in all stores), experts in different areas of food safety. Learners could view pages related to each OER agent which contained a number of frequently asked questions. These questions allowed learners to pull the content they needed to develop their skills and knowledge, rather than a “lock-step model where learners were required to view every piece of content.
The content within the frequently asked questions included text, images, roll over interactions and point-of-view videos.



In this short time frame, one of the key learning outcomes – to Increase food safety knowledge for Domino’s staff – had been achieved.

Both the short and long term outcomes for Domino’s Pizza were more skilled and knowledgeable staff, who have a greater understanding of food safety, the associated risks and appropriate risk management.

Matthew, our Chief Learning Architect, was awarded the Australian Learning Impact Award’s Learning and Development Professional for his work designing and developing “Operation Food Safety”

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