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Instructional Designers & Elearning Developer Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
Creators of Quality Learning Campaigns

Superb Learning

Helping organisations create learning campaigns, that embed learning over time and create a culture of continuous learning

Want to get your training online but don't know where to start?

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Why are we different from other Instructional Designers?


Our learning campaigns are cost effective, measurable and accessible. They can also deliver better results than just face to face training. The secret is in how you design them.

Our eLearning developers bring a wealth of experience to every brief, delivering an engaging and accessible learning campaign that delivers better results for your organisation. Provide more and better quality education spaced over time to ensure better retention and application with a learning campaign designed by Superb Learning.

Design learning campaigns      

Performance change is not achieved through a "one and done" learning event, rather a systematic and targeted learning campaign


To achieve better learning, better outcomes and better returns learning needs to be spaced over time. A learning campaign approach provides the opportunity for knowledge and skills to be acquired, contextualised and applied over time, to allow for mastery to occur. A learning campaign also provides an opportunity to continually engage your learners and avoid the forgetting of information and skills.


Some of the exciting and innovative people we have worked with

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Talk to us about how can we help you

From finance to food and beverage, government to education, Superb Learning has developed programs for businesses of every size across a broad spectrum of industries. Our instructional designers work closely with our clients to design, develop, deliver and deploy an eLearning program that comprehensively addresses the needs of the business and of the market. We help organisations equip their employees with the knowledge they need to better service their clients, increasing customer retention and satisfaction and helping to grow the business at every level.

Based in Brisbane, we’ve supported businesses from Melbourne to Sydney and around Australia, simplifying and streamlining their training programs to allow faster and more effective onboarding of new personnel. If you’re looking to leverage the full suite of tools available to the modern business-owner, we encourage you to explore how eLearning could support your business.

Start a conversation with our team today to find out how we could help you achieve your business goals. Send us your questions via email at or through our contact page, or call us directly on 0418 238 844 and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.

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