Using a funnel approach when designing a learning campaign

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Many marketing campaigns are developed using a funnel approach. The marketing funnel breaks down the customer journey, from the “awareness” stage when they first learn about a business, product or service to the “purchase” stage, where they are ready to buy. The funnel approach can also be used to break down the learner journey. It takes them from the “interest” stage, where they learn why the topic is important to them, through to the “integration” stage, where skills and knowledge are applied in the development of mastery. Untitled In the learning campaign funnel, learners may enter and leave the funnel at different stages, based on their experience and personal learning needs. In determining the objectives, consider where the learner sits in relation to the stage in the funnel and how your objectives relate to this stage. Improving the performance is the key objective, but before you get to this stage you may need to generate interest. Before the learner can implement tasks and develop the skills, they will need to acquire the knowledge (information stage). The time spent in each of the stages will be determined by the content, the learners experience and the preparation to move to the next stage. Determining the funnel stage will also assist in the asset creation process, when developing the points of learning, as the points will change based on the funnel stage, in line with the changing objective. For example, the interest stage may be delivered through a quality visual, an edumercial or a talking head video. Information may be delivered through a webinar or elearning resource. Implementation will include practical or simulated activities, and reflective practice. Integration will include more reflection and practical activities at a higher level, possibly teaching others or applied in different contexts and environments. Get clarity around the objective and alignment in the learning campaign funnel. It will greatly assist with future stages of designing and developing the learning experience. It will also assist in the evaluation of the learning experience, with the evaluation focused on the relevant funnel stage.
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Superb Learning
The modern entrepreneur is shifting to become an ‘edupreneur’ – providing an educational and entrepreneurial income generating business, driven by visibility, scalability and profitability. With more edupreneurs delivering online learning programs than ever before, the online education market is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025.

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