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Build and deliver engaging online courses that get people talking.

Interoperable and Future-Proof

Whether you have an existing Learning Management System or not, HT2 Labs has invested significant resources into emerging standards, such as xAPI and Open Badges, to ensure our solution is interoperable and future-proof.

You can use our Experience Layer, our Course Layer or our Data Layer to suit your requirements.


Implement a Guided Social Learning Experience


Gather and curate digital assets from all of your companies systems, as well as the the wider web, as the baseline of content for your community.


Create a wide-range of Courses – Blended, Formal and Massive Open Online Courses are all possible using Curatr.


Use our core Gamification features to nudge and incentivise users to contribute back and promote peer-to-peer learning.

Curation Powered
Curatr LXP makes the best of your existing investments in learning, including your LMS.
Social Learning
Encourage learners to contribute their own content, using video capture, uploads or external links.
Learning Journeys
Learners can plan, track and present truly personalised professional development.
Hidden Talent
Discover and nurture emerging leaders using the unique Social Intelligence Dashboard

Three Core Principles

Social Learning

Collaborating with other people is a fundamental part of learning. You can’t just put a blog or discussion feed on your Learning Management System and expect it to work. With Curatr, social learning is baked in from the start; a fundamental part of what we do.


Gamification is how we guarantee learner engagement in social learning. Done right, gamification can lead to stellar results; mass engagement, healthy competition and real recognition. Do it wrong and you can find yourself in a bit of a mess…

Digital Curation

The world is full of rich content, so let’s use it. Curatr allows you to aggregate content from around both your organisation and the wider web. You can use this as a baseline of discussion, creating a social learning experience without lifting a finger.

Our Simple Process


First, curate a course with inspiring content to fire learners imaginations. Re-use content from any source and organise it into bitesize playlists that learners can browse in any order.


Next, gamify the social process to encourage quality contributions. Learners can respond using our in-browser video capture technology or via simple text chat.


Finally, learners and managers are encouraged to curate the best conversations; voting, bookmarking and recommending the most popular ideas and opinions.


Curatr's unique feature set guarantees engagement from your audience. With a simple user interface that invites learners to dig a little deeper, learning designers have successfully used Curatr to start over a million conversations using content and resources they already own.

Here’s the feature set that makes that possible:

Social Learning

User Generated Content

Get people talking and contributing back to the course environment. Curatr makes it easy for users to record video or upload files, directly from the browser with no plugins or tech know-how required.


Enable discussion points on every object, providing your learners with a chance to debate and build their understanding. Email notifications keep participants coming back for more.

Peer Review

Allow learners to rate each other’s work during assessment and learning. Enable voting on question answers and allow Tutors or Managers to recommend the best content to the rest of the group.





A core feature of our Curatr-style of learning is the ability to unlock levels with further content. As a course creator you can define innovative teaching techniques that use linear, branching or non-linear sequences of levels and content.


Curatr uses Experience Points as a measure of both progress and quality within the learning environment. Reward users with points for viewing, commenting or contributing back to the classroom. Allow peer voting to further the XP on offer.


Curatr uses the Mozilla Open Badge protocol to allow you to issue Open Badges without writing a line of code. You can even join Badges together, creating Quests for your learners to fulfil over time.

Content & Learning Management

Resource Library

Curatr allows you to gather content from anywhere on the web or within your organisation. Deeplink to content on your LMS, intranet or other internal system, right alongside content from YouTube, Vimeo and TED. Add content from your favourite authoring tools, like Storyline or Captivate by uploading it directly to Curatr.

User Permissions

Allocate organisational administration and course administration out to your users. Lock and unlock courses on-demand or against specified times and dates. Set user expiry dates.


Allow users to browse course lists and enrol themselves on learning experiences. Lock courses away to make them invite only. Trigger enrolments from links embedded in webpages or hook in to a Federated Single Sign On.





Curatr has best-in-class support for xAPI, allowing you to export all user activity data to the Learning Record Store of your choice. This includes in-depth data on time spent on learning activities, as well as customised tagging facilities.


Curatr combines easy to use dashboard graphics with in-depth user reporting to give you the complete view on what your learners are doing. Every report built in Curatr is easily exportable directly to Excel for further analysis.


You can create custom email notifications for your administrators and managers, sending them daily or weekly digests of social activity and course completions. No need to login constantly; let Curatr show you what’s happening day-to-day directly in your inbox.


Create inspirational communities that support a culture of learning.

More Features

Simple GUI

Our online administration interface is simple, yet powerful. Create new courses, clone previous courses. Use our powerful Gamification and Social Learning methods, right out of the box.

Assessment Builder

Assess learning with our pre-built assessments. Multiple Choice Questions, peer review, assignment uploads and more are available. Set pass grades and report on results.


Curatr is translated into 8 languages already, allowing you to deploy course content in multiple languages within a single organisational setup.


A full e-commerce suite allows you to resell your courses, if you so wish, using a Stripe payment gateway integration.

Custom Branding

Customise the look and feel of your Curatr using the extensive theming and imaging options. Choose from pre-made templates or design your own. Curatr comes white-label for your brand.

Mobile Ready

Curatr is responsive to desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The Curatr interface takes advantage of touch capabilities like no other learning platform.

Cloud Delivery

Hosted "in the cloud" making your Curatr accessible from anywhere. Cloud hosting also means a secure and scalable hosting option, to expand as your training programs grow.

Single Sign On (SSO) 

Curatr integrates seamlessly with Federated Single-Sign On capabilities (SAML 2.0) and has integrations for Social Media tools, including Twitter and Yammer.

Everything You Need

Getting started with Curatr – and social learning in general – can seem like a big step, especially if you’re used to ‘normal’ elearning.  Get in touch today and we’ll give you everything you need to make social learning a success in your organisation.


Social Learning Strategy

We’ll talk through your current learning strategy and how Curatr can help you achieve your performance targets.


Start with a Site Sandbox

Get a Curatr sandbox area to learn the admin controls and theme your platform whilst you’re working on building your new courses.


Software Set-up & Integration

If you’re looking at integrating with existing HR or IT systems, the Curatr team will make sure your set-up is correct and help with API development where needed.


On-Going Support

As a Curatr customer, you’ll not only have access to our team of product experts, but also be granted exclusive access to the Curatr Help Centre & Community – so you can get support from other users as well as the core team whenever you need it.

For a personal consultation and demo with one our specialists to see how Curatr could work for your situation, fill out your details below and we’ll be in touch to set up a time that works for you.

Enrol in one of the free courses to experience Curatr for yourself.