7 Top Tips to Ensure Your Course Launch is a Success

7 Top Tips To Ensure Your Course Launch Is A Success

Getting ready for your course launch? This is a highly exciting time and has the potential to create a massive influx of sales for the learning experience you’ve been working so hard on.

But it also has the potential to be a huge disappointment! There are few things more upsetting than launching a course and finding that no one is interested in it. So how do you go about ensuring that it will be the hit it deserves to be?

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Tip 1 – Ask the Audience!

If you already have a successful mailing list or social media channel, then why not ask your audience what they’d like to see? This can make a huge difference to your eventual success because you can ensure you’re making a course that there is demand for!

Tip 2 – Run a Beta Test

Letting just a few people in on the production phase of your course is a great way to ensure that you get feedback about the course. Moreover, it builds a lot of excitement and buzz and you’ll get people discussing the course, which is precisely your aim.

Tip 3 – Release a Press Release

A press release is an excellent tool that you can use to get media coverage for your launch. A launch is inherently more interesting than a regular course, so you’ll stand a good chance of getting a story – especially if you can find an interesting narrative about the creation of your course or its content.

Tip 4 – Add Lots of Extra Materials

The more extra materials you can include as freebies, the more compelling your product will be. That should include video, reports, mind maps – anything you can think of!

Tip 5 – Make Your Course Different

If you want your course to stand out, then it can’t cover the same old ground as every other course in your niche. Cover something different and make sure you have something to say!

Tip 6 – Get Affiliates Involved

One of the best things you can do for any product launch is to get an army of affiliates to help you promote it. To ensure that they want to sign up, encourage them with a high amount of commission, free marketing materials they can use, and contests with cash prizes for the best promoters.

Tip 7 – Use a Countdown Timer

Making sure people can actually see your clock ticking down is a great way to make the excitement all the more palpable!

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