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eLearning Essentials
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eLearning Essentials

Online professional development course

The Challenge

The Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) requested an online professional development course, that modelled best practice eLearning concepts as participants worked their way through the learning process, engaging with the content, the trainer and other participants in an online dialogue.

The course was intended to be an introductory course for adult learning leaders, trainers, instructional designers, teachers and anyone who wants to understand eLearning.



The Approach

The developed eLearning Essentials course was developed as an interactive, social and collaborative course run over a period of 8 weeks taking around an hour or two a week to complete the course requirements.

The online course included webinars, social learning and self guided learning, structured into 8 content areas, delivered as levels through the online learning platform.

The contents areas included:

  1. Understanding eLearning - An examination of what eLearning is and can be, highlighting the different ways that content can be delivered.
  2. eLearning Tools - A look at the various tools used to author, host and deliver eLearning and eLearning resources.
  3. Designing eLearning - An overview of the design principles and methodologies for developing eLearning content.
  4. The Media Puzzle - How different types of media can be used in an eLearning program.
  5. Social and Collaborative Learning - A look at what social and collaborative learning is and how it can be facilitated as part of an eLearning program.
  6. Webinars - How webinars can be used to facilitate synchronous eLearning.
  7. Accessible eLearning - Considerations for developing and delivering eLearning content, including digital compliance, mobile and informal learning.
  8. Gamification, badging and beyond -How gamification principles can be used to motivate learners, use of digital badges and the future – augmented/virtual reality and beyond.


The Results

The professional development course has been delivered numerous times with nearly 200 participants undertaking the course. 

Much positive feedback has been received from the course with participants commenting that:

  • The "course has been spot on for where I am at in my eLearning journey."
  • They were "amazed at the depth and breadth this course has opened me to."
  • "It is not just the content; the structure and interactivity have modelled good eLearning practice."


Developed With Curatr

The professional development course was developed by the innovative, social and collaborative learning platform, Curatr.

Award-winning and trusted by more than 100 organizations across the globe, Curatr gives you the tools to build and deliver engaging online courses that get people talking.

The approach is rooted in Social Learning. Curatr uses the best of the content you already own to help trigger conversations, encouraging learners to add back their own content using live video capture and rich text chat as part of the learning process.

Clients who use Curatr report stunning results, high engagement and huge cost savings. Delivered Software-as-a-Service to any device, you can start using Curatr today


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