Plan | Learn | Measure

Learning Ecosystem

Through our partnership with the innovative and inspiring team at HT2 Labs, Superb Learning is excited to be able to offer an innovative learning ecosystem. The ecosystem works as part of a lean approach to learning called the ‘Plan > Learn > Measure‘ cycle. You can use all of the tools or just one or two, integrating seamlessly with the software and tools you already own.

We see the learning ecosystem complementing the 70-20-10 system of how we learn at work, bringing it all together seamlessly through a suite of innovative learning and development tools.

Social | Personal | Measurable

Ecosystem Tools

The backbone of the learning ecosystem is market leading data store, Learning Locker. Feeding from this is a Personal Learning Hub called Red Panda, where learners can plan and track their learning journey. And for when you need to step in to design and deliver an engaging course experience, there’s the award-winning social learning tool, Curatr.

The ecosystem technology is targeted towards three core requirements that the research conducted by HT2 tells us is vital to making effective learning experiences; making learning more personal, more social and more measurable.

Red Panda

Personal Learning Hub

Using Red Panda, Learners can create their own goals, choose from recommended goals or be assigned goals that help them reach their potential.

Acting as a hub, Red Panda unifies resources like MOOCs from Coursera, and auto-curated content from the web with your own LMS and internal platforms.

Through goals and milestones, learners can create their own learning journey or see the goals of their peers, helping identify relevant pathways.
Automatically checks in articles read, courses completed and more as learners progress their goals, building up a body of evidence.
Bringing together goals, evidence, peer review and feedback in a beautiful digital form, Red Panda helps learners tell their learning story.



Social Learning Platform

Award-winning and trusted by more than 100 organizations across the globe, Curatr gives you the tools to build and deliver engaging online courses that get people talking.

The approach is rooted in Social Learning. Curatr uses the best of the content you already own to help trigger conversations, encouraging learners to add back their own content using live video capture and rich text chat as part of the learning process.

Clients who use Curatr report stunning results, high engagement and huge cost savings. Delivered Software-as-a-Service to any device, you can start using Curatr today

Cut Costs
eLearning used to cost $$$$ per hour of learning. Adopt social principles and dramatically reduce the cost of developing learning.
Save Time
Deploy a course in a day. Forget spending 6-months creating courses; deploy a social course with a fraction of the resources required.
Improve Results
Learners who are active in the learning process are twice as likely to recall training as their non-social counterparts.

Learning Locker

Learning Record Store

Learning Locker is your source of record for learning data. Use Learning Locker to connect systems together, to prove the impact of training and to make more informed decisions on your future learning design.

Learning Locker comes ready to accept data in the xAPI format. With your data flowing, Learning Locker allows you to create customisable dashboards using a WYSIWYG interface. Learning Analytics has never been this easy.

Report on Everything
Create a single point of reporting for all learning and performance. Use Learning Locker’s fully customizable dashboards to visualize data quickly.
Save Time
Learning Locker does the data cleansing you don’t want to do, like merging multiple identities for the same user, automatically.
Own Your Data
We offer both SaaS and Open Source options, as well as OEM licensing. No other LRS on the market is as flexible when it comes to deployment.

Interested in a demonstration or free trial of the tools? Then contact us to arrange.


Authoring Tools

Whether your team needs to create responsive content, traditional eLearning or software simulations, the dominKnow Platform has you covered. And publishing to meet formal and informal learning needs is a simple click of a button.


True Responsive Authoring

Flow outputs fully responsive and adaptive content so you don't have to worry about specific devices or multiple versions of the same content.

With new devices announced almost every week, smart organizations recognize the critical importance of having content that is truly responsive and adaptive. 

And since you’re creating truly responsive content, you don’t have to worry about specific devices or the hassle of creating multiple versions of the same page.




Fixed Layout Authoring

Claro courses are designed for fixed layout eLearning, but are HTML-5 based and scalable for viewing on desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

Claro authoring will be familiar to anyone who has worked with traditional eLearning authoring tools.

Using Claro can be as simple as importing a PowerPoint file and publishing. Or use a PowerPoint file as a starting point, adding learning activities and assessment questions for a fuller learning experience.


Multi-use Software Training

Use Capture to create cross-platform, software simulations for stand alone use or integration with other learning content.

Capture is a hybrid tool – it allows you to work from your local desktop for speed and efficiency but stores your work to the cloud immediately.

Like all content created in the dominKnow platform, Capture projects are HTML5 based and can be viewed on any computer or mobile device.