Superb Learning supports the Serious eLearning Manifesto

January 8, 2017 - Less than a minute read

Superb Learning, in its focus to design and develop high quality learning, has become a signatory to the Serious eLearning Manifesto. The Manifesto was created by Michael Allen, Julie Dirksen, Clark Quinn and Will Thalheimer, is an attempt to bring focus to the creation of meaningful and effective eLearning.

The Manifesto aims to improve the benchmark for quality eLearning, with a focus on the following values and characteristics:

Serious eLearning Signatory
  • Performance Focused
  • Meaningful to Learners
  • Engagement-driven
  • Authentic Context
  • Realistic Decisions
  • Individualised Challenges
  • Spaced Practice
  • Real-World Consequences

These values and characteristics are unpinned by 22 supporting principles, aimed at designing quality learning experiences which are learner focused.