Get Into Digital Badges

August 4, 2017 - Less than a minute read

About the course

In a world where our children grow up with games and where they are motivated by gamification, it is important for learning professionals to learn this new way of 'motivation' and where it can be applied in their own field. This requires an understanding of what badges are, where they are already being used and how you can best deploy them within a learning program.

The successful integration of digital badges can be a tough challenge. Therefore, sharing experiences and learning from others is an important resource to achieve success in this. We do this largely through Social Learning, by asking questions, have discussions together and share experiences with each other.

What can the course offer me?

Many teaching professionals see it as a challenge to innovate in learning, within their own work context. In addition, for professionals 'innovation', consciously or unconsciously, is an important way to lead within their own organisation or institution in their field. In this MOOC, we examine various aspects and possibilities of digital badges and how that can contribute to the optimisation of learning at work or school.



How does the course work?

The MOOC has a delivery period of 48 hours. Within these 48 hours, we offer a range of learning objects (blogs, videos, articles, etc.), complemented by several discussion questions. Through these discussion questions you can engage with each other in conversation, sharing tips, tricks, ideas and experiences through the learning platform Curatr. Don’t want to engage in conversations, rather view the learning objects and read the discussion points? That's fine. The level of social involvement is up to you. Do you have additional content in the form of new learning objects? Please contribute! In this way, we make this MOOC a real 'Social Learning Exploration.

What are the themes?

1. What are badges?

2. Those who already use badges?

3. What are the benefits of using badges?

4. And now to work with badges!

How much time is needed?

The time investment is dependent on your enthusiasm, with an expectation of at least 1 hour per theme.


Who is this course for?

This unique MOOC is intended for educators, education experts, teachers, learning & development and HR professionals who want to deepen further their understanding of Digital Badges and translate it into action. Step in and take the opportunity to deepen and share explore your own ideas with other participants.

You can also earn badges ... Participation is free.



Who is facilitating this course?

This course is facilitated by Matthew Mason of Superb Learning, a learning design business that develops flexible, innovative and customised training resources and provides training in instructional design methodologies and the use of instructional design software. Matthew Mason has nearly 20 years’ experience in training and education, developing training resources in a variety of industries.

About the platform

The MOOC will work through the latest version of Curatr, an innovative and engaging social learning platform. Through this platform, you can access a variety of learning objects, collaborate and discuss with your peers and contribute content to enhance to course.


The finer details

Start Date
April 6, 2017
End Date
April 8, 2017

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