Designing Story Based Learning

February 19, 2016 - Less than a minute read

Stories and the use of narrative have been a powerful tool in learning for centuries. They have been woven into our lives in the form of fables, bedtime stories, gripping novels, to entertaining and engaging animation and films.

However in today’s learning environment, even well-intentioned learning programs can be “massive data dumps.” Learners are exposed to massive amounts of disengaging content, with little knowledge being transferred and applied. Learners end up frustrated, unable to grasp and retain critical content for applying to their jobs.

About the Workshop

This full-day workshop will introduce participants to a method of converting existing or new content into stimulating learning experiences.

Research has found that the “motivational benefits of narrative-centered learning, particularly with regard to self-efficacy, presence, interest, and perception of control, are substantial.” (McQuiggan, et al., 2008)

When you use a story in your learning:

  • It grabs and retains learner attention
  • The learning becomes fun as opposed to meeting a list of objectives
  • It establishes the content flow and engages learners at every point
  • Learners will remember the concepts covered in the course as you will always remember a good story
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn how to convert existing or new content into stimulating learning experiences
  • Learn how to transform content into easy and immersive elearning
  • Develop skills in creating interactive learning methods where the content is embedded in real-life events
Topics Covered
  • The evidence for story based learning
  • Types of story based learning
  • Developing learning objectives, exercises and assessment using story based methods
  • Tools to develop the story based learning resource
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