Creating Animations with GoAnimate

February 2, 2017 - Less than a minute read

About the Workshop

This one-day workshop has been developed for trainers, instructional designers and other education professionals looking to develop animations for inclusion in their training resources.

Participants will develop an understanding of how to create an animation to provide a better learning experience. Participants will create a basic animation as part of the training.

Participants will receive both a printed and ebook training manual. Participants will also receive 6 months access to online training and email support.


Course Outline

Topic 1: Designing the animation
  • What’s the message
  • Storyboarding the animation
  • Writing your script
Topic 2: Getting started
  • Home page
  • Video styles
  • The interface
Topic 3: Templates
  • Adding templates
  • Editing templates
Topic 4: Characters
  • Adding characters
  • Creating customer characters
  • Applying actions to characters
  • Adding movement
  • Changing facial expressions
Topic 5: Props and widgets
  • Adding props
  • Editing props
  • Inserting custom props
  • Adding widgets
  • Editing widgets
Topic 6: Text
  • Adding text
  • Editing text
  • Changing colour
  • Changing fonts
Topic 7: Scenes
  • Adding scenes
  • Editing scene duration
  • Rearranging scenes
  • Deleting scenes
Topic 8: Backdrops
  • Adding backdrops
  • Changing backdrops
  • Importing custom backdrops
Topic 9: Effects
  • Adding visual effects
  • Adding transitional effects
  • Adding enter and exit effects
  • Using the composition tool
Topic 10: Sound
  • Adding voice with audio files
  • Using text to speech
  • Recording voice
  • Synching characters with speech
  • Adding music
Topic 11: Publishing
  • Publishing to YouTube
  • Publishing to MP4
  • Using other publishing settings

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