Creating eLearning with Adobe Captivate 9

February 2, 2017 - Less than a minute read

About the Workshop

This two-day workshop has been developed for trainers, instructional designers and other education professionals looking to develop online training resources.

Participants will develop an understanding of instructional design methodologies and how to use Storyline as a development tool. Participants will create a basic online course as part of the training.

Participants will receive both a printed and ebook training manual. Participants will also receive 6 months access to online training and email support.


Course Outline

Topic 1: Designing the course
  • Instructional design principles
  • Understanding good design
  • Engaging learners
  • Structuring the course
Topic 2: Getting started
  • Launching Captivate
  • The Captivate interface
  • Using themes
  • Meeting the timeline
Topic 3: Adding content
  • Inserting and editing text captions
  • Editing the default caption style
  • Inserting text entry boxes
Topic 4: Images and smart shapes
  • Inserting images
  • Resizing and restoring images
  • Transforming images
  • Using the library
  • Managing unused project assets
  • Inserting shapes
  • Inserting characters
Topic 5: Making it interactive
  • Inserting a highlight box
  • Inserting a text entry box
  • Inserting an image button
  • Inserting rollovers
  • Inserting a zoom area
Topic 6: Adding media
  • Importing audio
  • Recording slide audio
  • Importing video
  • Embedding video
Topic 7: Recording simulations
  • Recording a custom simulation
  • Recording a demonstration that pans
  • Manually recording the screen
  • Editing mouse effects
  • Hiding the mouse
Topic 8: Animation and Effects
  • Adding animation to a slide
  • Inserting text animation
  • Applying an effect to a slide object
  • Applying an effect to an object
  • Editing effect timing
Topic 9: Testing knowledge and skills
  • Inserting question slides
  • Inserting knowledge check slides
  • Editing quizzing object styles
  • Setting the quiz preferences
  • Scoring, results and review
Topic 10: Responsive design
  • Creating a responsive design course
  • Creating for desktop
  • Creating for tablet
  • Creating for mobile
Topic 11: Final touches
  • Applying a skin
  • Editing, saving and deleting a skin
  • Creating a table of contents
Topic 12: Publishing
  • Checking publish settings and add a loading screen
  • Publishing as both swf and html5
  • Publishing as html5
  • Publishing a swf and pdf

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