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Exclusive to ILP Members

Do you deliver amazing learning experiences?
Do you want to share these with a bigger audience?
Have you always wanted to create (saleable) online learning programs?

Then you need to become a Superb Learner

Combining the expertise of the Superb Learning Designers with the innovative Curatr platform, getting your learning online is easier than ever.

The Superb Learner solution is exclusive to ILP Members only, and provides the opportunity develop and transform your courses into world-class learning experience that will WOW your clients, engage your learners, and provide you with potential new sources of revenue.

The Superb Learner solution will allow you to extend your reach and engage your learners in different ways all from a single platform.

Facilitate live online, offer pre-recorded learning sessions, curate content from YouTube, Ted X, or any other online source, improve engagement with interactive activities, social learning, gamification and much more.

Implementing online and virtual training with existing face-to-face workshops provides numerous benefits.

Better Learning | Better Outcomes | Better Returns

Benefits of a Blended Learning Solution

Create a new revenue source for your business
Let your Superb Learner learning experiences generate revenue for your 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
Extend your reach
Allow you to reach more people at a fraction of the cost.
Reduce Costs
Reduce travel and venue costs with online training programs.
Greater Flexibility
Provide greater flexibility over how content will be delivered.
Increase learning transfer
Provide pre and post workshop content and just-in-time training to increase learning transfer.
Engaging Learning Experience
Repurpose digital assets in various ways to provide a variety of learning experiences.
Personalise learning experiences to the individual's context or specific learning need.
Build evergreen content
Leverage your existing content to build multiple learning experiences.

What’s the Superb Learner solution?

Online Learning Platform

A learning platform that allows for content curation and incorporates a social learning experience, likened to face to face discussions. The learning platform, Curatr, gives you the tools to build and deliver engaging online courses that get people talking.

Content Curation

100’s of free learning objects to help you develop your program, without reinventing the wheel. Why spend time creating a module on Simon Sinek’s Golden Circles, when you can simply embed his Ted talk? Curatr enables you to embed articles, videos, images, or text within each module ensure your learners remain focused on the learning.

Design Learning Workshop

Don’t know how to transform your workshops or content into online modules? As part of the Superb Learner solution, we provide you with a customised 3-hour learning design workshop to show you how to build your blended learning experience.

This solution will allow you to create world-class, engaging learning experiences, without having to leave your office (or loungeroom!)


Consider how much you spend each year in travel and venue costs to deliver your workshop to a client?


How do these costs compare to the investment below?

Online Learning Package

$ 2500 /pa
  • Branded online learning platform
  • 3 hour design workshop
  • Up to 50 active users *
  • Learner progress and engagement reporting
  • 2 x ‘how to’ webinars
  • Phone and email support**
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* User numbers are based on current active users. The total number of actual users can exceed 50 over a 12 month period. For example, a facilitator might run a 3 month program for 50 users. They could run this program 4 times over the year, to 200 users in total, but not exceeding 50 at any one time. This would make the cost per user to be a low $12.50.

** Training webinars and phone / email support is limited to course administrators and course designers

Curatr - Social Learning Platform

About the learning platform


Curatr LXP is an out-of-the-box, intelligent, online learning solution to deliver your courses, pre-filled with more than a thousand expert-curated resources (and growing all the time). Using a simple, modern interface, Curatr LXP has both the courses and resources you need to help deliver on your promise of professional development for your employees.

The approach is rooted in Social Learning. Curatr uses the best of the content you already own to help trigger conversations, encouraging learners to add back their own content using live video capture and rich text chat as part of the learning process. Easily create and manage online learning courses that are social, collaborative and gamified by design

Clients who use Curatr report stunning results, high engagement and huge cost savings. Delivered Software-as-a-Service to any device, you can start using Curatr today.


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