Health Check

SUPERB Health Check

A free tool to evaluate your training programs or resources


Who is it for?

The SUPERB Health Check can be used if:

♦  Training is done just to meet a compliance need

♦  Team members are not motivated to complete training

♦  Skills and knowledge acquired during training are not applied back in the workplace

♦  Training doesn't have an impact on performance outcomes

♦  There is a poor return  on investment for training

♦  Training is not valued in the organisation

How does it work?

The SUPERB Health Check takes you through a series of simple questions related to your training resources. We have built this tool based on our experience in instructional design and on the Superb Learning principles.

Upon completing the self-assessment, you will receive a personalised report that evaluates your organisation’s training resources against the 6 Superb Principles: Story-based, User focused, Performance driven, Evaluation, Relevance,  Bite sized.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of a SUPERB Health Check include:

♦  Feedback on the quality and effectiveness of your organisation’s training resources

♦  Validation of your training resources

♦  Recommendations to help improve the quality and impact of training resources in your organisation