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Superb Learning's Strategic Partnerships to provide greater service

HT2 Labs

Next Generation Learning Solutions

HT2 Labs are a group of ambitious, research driven professionals, trying to develop the next big breakthrough in online learning, and Superb Learning is excited to work with them to achieve this goal.

They research some of biggest problems in education and workplace learning, developing technologies that can help, even if that’s only in a small way. What they're really good at is at solving big, emergent problems with simple, intuitive technology.

Superb Learning is proud to be partner with HT2 Labs to be able to provide next generation learning ecosystems, engaging learning platforms, and easy-to-understand data management systems.

Reality Creators

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Reality Creators are an innovative learning and development company, with a desire to improve the learning experience for all through the use of immersive learning environments, including augmented and virtual reality.

Their vision (which aligns with Superb Learning's own vision) is to move people beyond 'click next, next, yawn...' eLearning content into a visually rich and immersive learning experience that produces quality learning outcomes. 

The Reality Creators values are based on the creation of quality learning experiences, providing immersive experiences making learners an active participant rather than a passive observer, and having fun while doing it.

Think Savvy

Governance, Risk & Compliance

With a focus on solving today's problems with tomorrow's solutions, Superb Learning sees THINK SAVVY as an ideal partner to provide solutions to non-training related problems.

THINK SAVVY delivers outstanding technology and strategic risk management advisory to its customers and financial benefits to its employees, owners and strategic partners through its multi-disciplinary risk management consulting, innovative technology and outstanding service provision. 

They offer a dynamic range of consulting services and software products for our clients to provide savvy and affordable customer solutions. The main emphasis is on reducing effort and adding value by creating process re-engineering opportunities through technology and innovation, with an intention to save clients money and effort but we also with an aim to delight customers and exceed their expectations.


Responsive Authoring

For more than a decade, dominKnow has been creating eLearning authoring tools and software for teams and large organizations. dominKnow is a powerful content authoring and publishing solution designed to fully support an organization’s learning content strategy using built-in tools and processes that ensure the right content gets to the right people at the right time. The platform allows organizations to collaboratively gather, design, create, review, share, reuse, deliver and measure content that help’s learners at multiple times of need — from formal learning through to application on the job.

dominKnow’s multi award-winning solution outputs responsive and adaptive HTML5 and WCAG AA compliant content, and publishes to SCORM, AICC, xAPI and PENS standards that easily launches and tracks in your LMS.