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Our Services


Quality learning experience design

Whether you are delivering your training face to face, online or as part of a blended approach, Superb Learning can work with you to design creative and modern material for training programs. Depending on your needs, Superb Learning can design all aspects of the training, or work with you through our personalised co-design workshop.


Rapid & bespoke course development

Superb Learning uses a variety of learning technologies to create an engaging and effective learning experience. We can take your existing training materials and repurpose it for online delivery. We also develop a range of other training materials including print resources, ebooks and animated videos.


Courses in designing or developing training

Superb Learning offers a variety of courses to help you improve the quality of your training programs. Public workshops and customised in-house training programs on designing online learning programs, or courses in the use of authoring tools are available.


Want a free SUPERB Health Check?

The SUPERB Health Check is a free tool to evaluate your training programs or resources.

Our Technical Solutions

Superb Learning partners with some innovative learning development companies. This provides us with various creative and modern technical solutions to help you design & develop interactive, scenario based, social or virtual learning experiences.


Developed by the award-winning team at HT2 Learning, and trusted by organisations across the globe - Curatr gives L&D teams the tools to design, deliver and facilitate Social Learning experiences whilst making the best of the content and systems they already own.

Learning Locker
Learning Locker LRS enables you to store, sort and share data through the use of activity statements generated by xAPI (Tin Can) compliant learning activities. Using this data, you can better understand the learning activities of your workforce, assess the impact of training & development and customise learning experiences based on learners past performance.


Chat Mapper is an easy to use tool for writing and testing nonlinear dialogue and events for fields where complex problems are the normal, such as entertainment, e-learning, emergency response, diagnoses health care, sales and customer service, and strategic planning.


ResponsiveVoice is a HTML5-based Text-To-Speech library designed to add voice features to web sites and apps across all smartphone, tablet and desktop devices. It supports 51 languages through 168 voices, no dependencies and weighs just 14kb.

Totara LMS

Designed for workplace training, induction and compliance programs. Totara is robust, secure and enterprise ready. Sophisticated features without the price tag makes it ideal for corporate and government sectors.


Moodle - the world’s most popular learning management system. It’s designed to deliver web-based learning. No licensing cost makes it perfect for small business, training organisations and non-profits. 

Articulate Storyline 2

Create polished interactive courses with Articulate Storyline 2, the only e-learning authoring software that grows with you. It's simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for experts.

Articulate Studio 13

Create online courses in PowerPoint with Articulate Studio, the standard in rapid authoring. Easily build courses, quizzes, and other e-learning content with a tool you already know.