Who we are and why we do it

A little bit about us

Superb Learning was built out of frustration at seeing the poor quality of online resources that were being developed. We knew that something was missing. We knew that training didn't have to include boring "click next, next, yawn..." courses.  At SUPERB Learning our focus is on how we can help you provide a SUPERB learning experience that results in better training for participants, better outcomes for all involved and better returns for you, your customers and clients.

A recent interview

Some of our thoughts

In an interview earlier this year, host Gerald Pauschmann from Point TV has a chat to Matthew Mason, our Chief Learning Architect, on the common challenge faced by L&D professionals – moving their training expertise online.

Our Philosophy

The Superb Learning Way

To achieve better learning, better outcomes and better returns, we believe that learning needs to be SUPERB. That is, it needs to be:

Story Based

The best way to reach your learners is to bring factual content to life with a narrative. SUPERB Learning ensures that whoever your learners are, they will connect with your content through examples, demonstrations and scenarios.

User Focused

The learning experience your learners have will directly impact how much they learn. Every learner is different and SUPERB Learning designs solutions with this is mind.

Performance Driven

There is no point in spending money, time and resources on training if there is no change in the performance of the learners as a result. SUPERB Learning can help your learners achieve the results you want to see.


Data is only useful when it results in meaningful outcomes for you and your staff. Evaluation can either be too little or even too much. SUPERB Learning is committed to providing learning solutions that can be evaluated.


People need to see the WIIFM (what's in it for me) to engage the brain so learning can occur. SUPERB Learning designs engaging resources to hook the learner with content relevant to their needs.

Bite Sized

People are increasingly expected to multitask and have transferable skills. Information overload is a real threat to the modern day learner. SUPERB Learning designs & delivers bite sized resources to deliver content one concept at a time.

How we do it

The Superb Learning Process

samples of our work

Some of our Projects

This is only a small sample of what we can create. Talk to us about what learning solutions we can develop for you.


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